How It Works

When you sign up for a High-Fae or Demi-Fae box, every month you will receive a box of that exclusive, themed candles and merchandise. Automatic renewals occur on the 11th of the following month, and boxes ship on the last day of the month (or if Sunday, then the following day). You may cancel at any time before renewals. 

Step 1

Choose a Size

High-Fae boxes will come with EIGHT brand new, limited edition Soy Candles and 2-3 merch items based on that month's theme. 

Demi-Fae boxes are meant to be a sampler-version, with 4 candles at random selection of the eight created; Demi-Fae boxes also come with 1-2 of the themed merchandise items.

Merchandise items we have done in the past have been Exclusive Art Prints, Book Sleeves, Soaps, Body Sprays, Bath Bombs, Necklaces, Keychains, Stickers, Bookmarks, and so much more!

Step 2

Choose a frequency

You can choose to go Month-to-Month; or Save with a prepaid 3 Month or 6 Month box plan. Once paid, you have reserved your boxes for those months. You may cancel only before renewals for boxes not yet subscribed/paid for.

We will announce the next month's theme on the last week of each Month. 

Renewals occur on the 11th of each Month. You may also select SKIP in your account on certain a certain month/theme.

Step 3

Get a package!

Boxes ship each month on the last day of the month. For example, if you subscribe for a box on June 11th, you will get a tracking email on or around June 31st.

All boxes ship around the same date so that there won't  be too many spoilers or unboxings on socials. Since the boxes are usually a complete surprise, we try our best to make sure boxes arrive to customers around the same date, but for our international customers, boxes will usually arrive within 10-15 business days once shipped.